Do I need the iPad ?

I really want an iPad, but do I actually need one ?

Of course I need the music, movies, TV shows, games and books part, I travel 2.5hours by train everyday, do the math. As of now only the music and games parts are available in Norway. I have an american iTunes account for movies and TV-shows, but it is not hassle free to have two iTunes stores, buying gift cards to myself and transfer content back and forth. It is ironic that I need to do something illegal to be able to pay for movies and TV shows.

But what about work ? To be honest, my average day consists of 80% meetings, most of the work I do is on my iMac at home or MacBook on the train. I made a list of the programs I use at work

  • Telenor related programs and documents that requires IE6, a crappy old IBM laptop and a secure network
  • Mail
  • Things (ToDo)
  • OmniOutliner (Notes)
  • OmniGrafle (Diagramming)
  • Presentation tool, for images and powerpoints and some degree of editing

As long as the mail app has the same exchange support as the iPhone I’m good. OmniGroup is going to release all five apps for the iPad, Omni blog post. I do not know about Things, but I do not use the existing iPhone app because of the lack of cloud sync. If they do not come up with cloud sync I could switch to OmniFocus. That leaves me with the presentation tool for powerpoints. I could do the KeyNote <-> Powerpoint conversion routine or use a cloud version of Powerpoint when available.

The conclusion is: I REALLY NEED AN iPAD, a dock and some cables to a projector will basically cover my work needs
And to all techno geeks, I do not care that much about multitasking, video conference and all other technical stuff. Ability beats features every day.